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Perfect condenser tapes consist of high quality chrome leather friction covers with polyamide sheet as the traction layer. These belts exhibit

Rough Top Belts
Rough Top Belts
  • High degree of operational efficieny, around 98%
  • Excellent directional stability.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Constant co-efficient of friction.

Technical Specifications

Belt Grade Top Cover Reverse Cover Traction Layer Total Thickness Shaft Load 1% Min Pulley Belt Weight approx.
Material Colour Surface Material Colour Surface Material (mm) (N/mm) (mm) (Kg/Sq. mtr.)
CT-1 IMP Tan Chrome Leather Brown - Tan Chrome Leather Brown - Polyamide 3 3.5 25 3
CTR-1 IMP NBR Dark Blue Rough NBR Dark Blue Rough Polyamide 3 5 30 3.5