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Flat Transmission Belts

Flat Transmission Belts...

Perfect flat belts consist of high quality rubber friction covers with polyamide sheet as the traction layer. These belts exhibit

  • High degree of operational efficieny, around 98%
  • Excellent directional stability.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Constant co-efficient of friction. 
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Flat Transmission Belts
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Technical Specifications
Grade Construction Traction Layer Total Elongation Min Pulley
  Top Cover Bottom Cover   Thickness at 1 % strain Diameter
  Material Colour Material Colour   mm N/mm mm
P-1 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 1.50 3.7 25
P-2 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 2.00 7 60
P-3 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 3.00 7 60
P-4 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 4.00 12 110
P-5 NBR Light Green NBR Yellow Polyamide 5.00 12 110

NBR:    Nitrile Butyl Rubber

We also offer Customized Belts Grades
All above products can also be supplied in Polyamide Sheet imported from Japan.