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Nav Auxichem Pvt. Ltd has a 50000 sq. ft of covered area at two locations. We have a highly skilled and talented workforce of 60 people.

Based on latest know-how of technology, we have set-up a state of the art manufacturing facility for producing Rubber & Leather Nylon Sandwich Belts. The quality & performance of our products are well accepted in the market & steadily we have created stable brand equity of our own.

In order to meet with the ever increasing demand of our products both in terms of quantity & quality, the company had setup its own plant for manufacturing Uni-axially oriented polyamide sheet in 320mm width. Perfect Polyamide sheets are free from curvature, waviness, thickness variation and have high tensile strength & modulus of elasticity.

The company manufactures its own adhesives for Rubber & leather for excellent permanent bonding. Through years of research & development we have eliminated the possibility of delamination of our belts.

The company has its own plant for processing Leather hides. We procure best quality raw hides from which full grain & split chrome leather is made.

In an continuous endeavor to supply good quality products with consistency, the company has setup a fully operational state of the art laboratory to check incoming raw materials, goods in process and finished goods. At Nav Auxichem, an optimum quality Assurance System and the use of innovative techniques have ensured a constant standard of products.

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Flat Transmission Belts
Tangential Belts
Leather Nylon Sandwich Belts
Folder Gluer Belts
Machine Tapes
Spindle Tapes
Knitting Belts
Condensor Tapes
Customized Belt Grades
Rubberized Fabric
Coated Chrome Leather
Tools for Fabrication
Oriented Polyamide Sheets
Timing Belts
PU Round & V Belts